Gennaro Farina has worked intensely for thirty years as architect in Rome, developing a multifaceted professional and institutional private practice, studying and  researching architecture, restoration and urbanism.


In this time and by way of the projects he has successfully completed – from Castello Colonna Genazzano  to the renovation and restructuring of the Baimixiejie in Beijing, from the new Headquarters of ADISU of the Rome University “Tor Vergata”, to Palazzo Doria Pamphilj in Valmontone, to the Thermal Complex of Stigliano – he has gained a well known identity and consolidated presence, which is also attested to by numerous publications.


Between 2000 and 2008, architect Gennaro Farina was the Director of Office for the Historical City of Rome, and as such was the project manager for the Cities most important projects, including the Museum Complex of the Ara Pacis, the renovation and restructuring of the ex municipal abattoir in Testaccio, the historic general markets at Ostiense.


Gennaro Farina has a particular interest in the architectural problems relating to the urban planning of the Historical City of Rome, combining the themes of functional and social integration with those of the requalification of urban spaces of historical interest.


In this context and moreover within his institutional role, architect Farina was responsible for the design of  Environs of Strategic Importance in the new Town Plan: the Tiber River (Aventine Base, Janiculum Cliffs), Aurilean Walls (Porta Metronia - Porta Latina) , the Trident (Via del Babuino, Via del Corso, Via Ripetta), Urban Projects: Ostiense-Marconi and Testaccio.


His architectural private practice is currently engaged, with its partners and collaborators, in numerous designs and realisation both in and out of .




"My concept of architecture encompasses the entire environment of human life, we can not escape to architecture, as long as we are part of civilization, because it represents all the changes and alterations made on the land surface, with a view of human needs, except in the pure desert " William Morris




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